Shakespeare Exits & Entrances with Judi Dench, David Suchet & Emilia Fox.

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We are delighted to offer this magical miscellany from  the world’s greatest playwright. Combining  beautiful music with some of the most spellbinding words ever written.Born out of a passion for Shakespeare’s immortal genius, ‘Exits and Entrances’ the album, brings you the  most  acclaimed and  memorable verse / prose from  his best loved works. It embraces extracts from the Comedies, Tragedies and Historicals which include Romeo and Juliet, HenryV, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Antony and Cleopatra.

(From left to right, Dame Judi Dench, David Suchet, Jeffery Dench,  Emilia Fox
and Oliver Dench)

Narrated  by some of the world’s most revered actors of stage, screen and television  including Dame Judi Dench, Jeffery Dench (her brother) and  introducing Oliver Dench (nephew) together with inspirational performances by David Suchet and Emilia Fox.
The words are accompanied by enchanting light classical music specially scored by accomplished composer Jackie Williams. The album represents a truly unique experience, with a compilation and  range which will appeal to both lovers of Shakespeare as well as reaching people of all ages who appreciate the pleasure of fine words and music.

We hope you enjoy!

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